Jarvis Architects is an architectural and landscape design firm specializing in residential and neighborhood commercial projects. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have enjoyed being part of the community since the firm's establishment in 1970.

Jarvis Architects draws from a variety of historic and contemporary architectural styles, including Craftsman, English Arts and Crafts, Mediterranean, Prairie, Shingle Style, and Modern. Each project preserves and celebrates a building's style while reflecting a client's personality. Our staff creates original designs which address the unique needs, dreams, and budgets of each client.  We unearth the full potential of each building and site to capture views and light, create warm, open interiors, and maximize outdoor space.

Jarvis Architects employs time-tested materials and construction methods to build sound structures with beautiful details. Our working drawings are prized by builders for their clarity and ease of construction. Passive solar design, environmentally sensitive construction, natural lighting and energy-conserving features are incorporated into the development of each project.

Jarvis Architects has restored and updated numerous historic homes from all eras, using authentic finishes and period details to seamlessly blend old and new. High quality design and full service are the trademarks of our diverse team. Our interior design services include selecting finishes, lighting, hardware, and furnishings, as well as coordinating colors for finished spaces.  We also offer landscape design services, with a focus on integrating interior and exterior space throughout the home.

Jarvis Architects' work encompasses a broad range of institutional and commercial projects including churches, summer camps, restaurants, banks, retail shops and offices. Our work is located throughout California, much of the U.S. and England.

Meet the Jarvis Architects staff

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