New Homes

We work together with our clients to identify their individual needs, budget, and wish list. We develop designs that integrate comfort, beauty, and sustainability into a uniquely personal home environment.


We recognize that each home has its own unique style, existing conditions, and special requirements. We have over 40 years of experience working with traditional Bay Area homes and exploring contemporary architectural styles. We celebrate the elegance and wisdom of the past, while incorporating modern amenities for a contemporary lifestyle.

Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory Dwelling Units have become increasingly popular in recent years due to California Building Code changes, State housing mandates and the ongoing housing shortage. We design warm intimate spaces that offer flexibility and function to our clients and future residents. Maximizing character and coziness is our philosophy.


Long considered the heart of the home, kitchens have evolved from small utilitarian spaces to centers of activity and entertaining. We offer a wide range of kitchen design options to reflect the personalities and lifestyles of our clients.


We design bathrooms for comfort, ease and relaxation. We employ quality sustainable materials and energy efficient fixtures without sacrificing luxury. We work creatively with our clients to maximize small spaces.

Landscape Design

We believe that a home should seamlessly transition between interior and exterior space, and contain a balance of hardscape and softscape. As part of our holistic approach to design, we work to create an organic relationship between indoor living and outdoor enjoyment.

Materials Consultation

We work with clients to select fixtures, fittings, appliances, interior and exterior materials, colors, and finishes. These final touches bring clarity to our designs, reflect the unique tastes of each client, and provide refinement throughout the home.

Additional Services

We are proud to note our expertise in the following areas:

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