This Upper Rockridge home features large open modern living spaces connecting a spacious, lush rear yard on the east side with a magnificent bay view to the west.  The large windows on this floor and the bedrooms above “provide generous natural daylight.”  Thermally efficient glass for controlled solar gain, colored concrete floors for thermal mass and extra insulation create a true passive solar house.  A cupola room above the stairway with opening windows provides a “thermal chimney” for natural air flow through all the floors.  A roll up garage door at the lower floor opens to an indoor infinity swimming pool to an elegant garden area. Other sustainable features include solar electricity and hot water, hydronic radiant floor heating, on-demand hot water recirculation pump, concrete with high-volume flyash content, high-efficiency lighting and appliances, metal “cool” roof, recycled construction waste, and locally sourced natural materials.


Sustainably Modern

Oakland, CA