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(re)Imagining an Original

Kellerman Kitchen Kellerman Bathroom


Originally designed by John Hudson Thomas in the 1920’s, this Berkeley house had been subsequently remodeled in a style unbefitting of the original structure’s robust quality.  Jarvis was enlisted to update its interior structure.

With the original blueprints as a reference, our architects re-articulated key borders and transitions between spaces, fostering open mobility throughout the house.  Mindful of the building’s heritage and with minimum changes to the exterior, they expanded the kitchen into an adjoining rear hall and room, opened up the dining room, turned a small bath into a pantry, and expanded the master bath to incorporate a former attic room. The kitchen renovation utilized details based on the original house design, while incorporating modern appliances, lighting and plumbing.  This remodel imagines what the original designer might have done were he alive today.

A new window over the tub in the master bath replicates the design of an adjacent original window, upholding seamless continuity between new and existing structures.

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