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Modern Kitchen & Bath Remodel

Welcome to our recently completed Modern kitchen in a Mediterranean Rockridge home. We worked with our longtime clients, a family with three young boys, to rearrange a cramped back-of-the-house kitchen and laundry area into an open sunny kitchen and dining room, pantry, half-bath, and desk alcove. The homeowners chose the stainless steel appliances, walnut cabinetry style, graphic tile backsplash, steel blue glass pendants, and bronze cabinet tab pulls. Underneath all these crafted finishes was vintage haphazard framing which our builders straightened out and strengthened. This was a wonderful team effort, which we aim for on every project.

Project Architects: Arleta Chang and Cindy Chan, Jarvis Architects
Builder: Whitney Builders. Israel Gonzales, Proj. Superintendent
Structural Engineer: Peter Van Maren

To right is the desk alcove with walnut floating shelves. The kitchen enjoys view and sunshine on two sides – the street in front and the back yard behind you.


Our homeowner found this stunning red backdrop color at her favorite breakfast spot!  Floating shelf has hidden backlighting on top surface to backlight objects on shelf, and also downlighting at the front to light counter.  New arched soffit echoes arches of the original home.


Seeing double. Ceiling paint color turns down, virtually a ceiling moulding. The same red is bold in a small room. Horizontal rift-sawn walnut cabinetry. Yellow onyx pendants.


We had fun with the window stool detail that caps the backsplash, as it zigzags under the kitchen sink window. Stained windows and trim to complement cabinetry. Graphic tile accents – raises a smile every morning.


Dramatic island with a double-cantilevered quartzite countertop and end wall. Very quiet dual-fan range hood with flip-down warming wire shelves. We love this kitchen – practical, fun, modern in a traditional home, and full of personal touches.

In Your Neighborhood – Piedmont’s “Melrose Place”

We are part of the homeowner’s team that have just completed the restoration and remodel of one of nine bungalow townhouses grouped around a lush courtyard,  probably originally designed by Irving Gill, (but has not been confirmed). Due to an unassuming street facade, it is truly a hidden gem in Piedmont. The distinctive arch motif found at all the entry loggias around the courtyard is repeated at the opening to the new kitchen, introducing the arch’s indoor-outdoor ambiguity to the living room, a real doff of the cap to the old master!

Piedmont's "Melrose Place"

Piedmont’s “Melrose Place”

Every Home Needs a Heart

The Lamorinda Weekly recently posted an article on the 2011 Orinda Mayors Awards for Excellence in Architecture. The Howard and Susan Warner Remodeling Project designed by Robin and Cindy received one of the awards, and was the featured design in the story.  The story, written by Laurie Snyder captured the spirit of the collaborative design process, the project history and the home.

Visit the Lamorinda Weekly Mayors Award here.

Jarvis Renovation featured in In-laws, Outlaws, and Granny Flats

Jarvis Architects’ own Jon Larson was quoted in the October 9, 2011 San Francisco Chronicle article about the current surge of in-law units in the bay area. His basement infill project in north Oakland was one of three Jarvis Architects projects featured in the recent Taunton Press book, In-laws, Outlaws and Granny Flats by Mike Litchfield. Smaller living spaces save on cost, use less  energy, and celebrate quality living.

In addition to fulfilling specific spatial needs of the clients, Jon’s project provided more natural light and a better connection to the yard.

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