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Drone’s Eye View

Will drones become the futuristic couriers of Amazon prime packages they’re being hyped up to be?  Jury’s still out, but one client of ours has discovered an ingenious way to harness the power of the drone’s skyward domain to survey his remodel-in-progress. The owners of this Albany home used their drone to record the progress of construction from a bird’s eye view.  The aerial viewpoint affords a delightfully new perspective on the process, revealing some design elements invisible from the street, such as an upper deck and stairway.  The dynamism of the recording itself–at times the drone goes into a light tailspin, at others it zooms in and out, hovering low above the contractors who traverse the roof with grace–adds a dramatic flourish.  The builder joked that he now has to keep the job site looking tidy from the air, not just from street level!

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.32.35 AM


Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.35.50 AM

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