Monthly Archives: July 2014

Meet Jarvis Newcomer Daniel Camargo!


The newest addition to the Jarvis team, Daniel Camargo hails from Curitiba, a Southern Brazillian city acclaimed for its sustainable urban development initiatives.  His interest in architecture springs from his natural aptitude for the arts and sciences, in addition to his immersion in the field from an early age.

Daniel earned a degree in industrial Design at the Technologic University of Parana in 2000, and went on to work for a Canadian architectural historical documentation firm.  He developed an interest in the nuts and bolts of American architecture, eventually relocating to the Bay Area in 2005 to work with various architects.  Coincidentally, this included training with one of Jarvis’ first associated architects.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys cooking, drawing, sculpting, spending time with his three year old son, and playing music with his Brazilian Jazz ensemble.

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